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Have I done anything productive this summer? The answer is a big fat NO. But I have to admit this summer has been THE best summer I have had in a long while. I learned to cook independently meaning I am capable of cooking stuff that goes into my mouth and tastes good without someone else cooking and me standing in the corner. Yesterday I made this amazing spaghetti dish and I am not even going to lie it was soo good. I know it was that good because I finished half of it. And the spaghetti was completely over by dinner which is awesome. I have made pasta dishes before and not going to lie almost all of them sucked.

And I have finally understood why everyone loves baking, and I am on board with all of you. I baked brownies the other day, I mean I made it from the cake mix since it’s soo much easier but I still prefer the brownie mix I made because that tasted soo good. I link the recipe at the end of the post, it is easy and soo rich in taste. You all must try it. I have recently become a complete superhero fangirl. Yes, I have not read the comics but I do watch Justice League cartoon and it is fantastic. I tried downloading comics but to be honest I don’t know from where to start reading. I am all for female superheroes and when will Marvel make a standalone Black Widow movie? Like I am sick and tired off seeing Uncle Ben die goddammit. Plus 2016 is going to such a crazy year with all these superhero movies that are going to come, like I am already broke.

I also got to meet up with my high school besties, like whoever said that school friends will remain in school honey you are absolutely wrong. If both sides work on the relationship it will succeed and I was beyond happy to hangout with them and soo blessed they are in my life. And I have also noticed that it is only after you graduate from high school, you find out who your true friends actually are. Distance does not matter, we are all bound to be busy with our lives but if we give a few minutes to maintain our relationship with those who are close to us it will never break.

Okay enough with the inspirational speech, whoever is reading this post (bless you) please check out Melanie Martinez. She’s an upcoming singer whose songs are soo beautifully written and sung that you will not be disappointed. Like I am not even joking whatever songs I have heard till now, I absolutely LOVE it. Now I am going to end my post, hopefully I will blog soon or after a decade. Let’s see.

Till Then

Just Another Girl


PS : Brownie Recipe

tumblr_mapxekwZF21qg3qblo1_500I feel this saying is soo important. I remember I used to be like this, when I used to tell my friends that I really admire Kristen Stewart they would be like “HER? She has NO expressions”. And I used to agree with them, after a few years I realized that why should I be ashamed of liking her. She’s NOT what the media portrays her to be, she is SOO much more than that. Never ever regret what you like, ever.


Just Another Girl