Update : I survived first year of University

I am gonna stop saying I’ll be frequent in blogging cause that ain’t gonna happen to be honest. I’m just gonna blog when I feel like cause I really do think I have commitment issues. I actually did blog but then it was only saved as a draft and I needed to edit and add more to the post and as you can tell that never happened.

So yes, I survived my first year in university. Whoop! It was a roller coaster from start to finish but one which I truly enjoyed in a very long time. Since I’m a direct second year entry, my first semester was just figuring out what the hell is going on, coping up with stuff, managing my responsibilities and acting like an adult. The last part still working on that, but first semester I did have a few friends which was nice. I don’t want a gazillion friends, I want a few people who think along the same lines as me. My first semester grades were pretty good, I guess I did blog about first semester in my previous post so whoever even gives a damn, you can read the previous post.

Now on to second semester. I can’t even believe second semester FLEW by, like LITERALLY it just went soo quick! I met a lot of new people who I am very happy to call my friends, and really glad that with these girls I can actually have deep and thoughtful conversations AND have a lot of fun. I cracked my phone screen and it’s NOT iPhone, it’s SONY Z1 which was a surprise and a torture. In second semester, I did loosen up quite a bit, for instance in first semester the whole time I was like “Can’t spend too much. Dads money, blah blah blah”. But in semester, I actually did buy quite a few things and they were MY choice. Yes, I’m saying this because my mum usually does my shopping (I know) and for the first time I was picking stuff which I liked which is nice but it’s a pain in the ass. Like who the hell knew I was THIS PICKY. Like I might like something and then be like “Ew, this isn’t even worth that much” and move on. I prefer buying for others than myself to be honest.

However, I did try new restaurants to eat. Yes, I rather spend my money on food than shopping. I am that kinda person, no shame. I tried Nandos (LOVED IT), TGIF (LOVED THAT TOO), Tim Hortons (Yes, it’s a cafe but it is A LOT better than Starbucks ANY DAY) and IHOP (Oh. My. Goodness. Best Pancakes EVER.). I want to try PF Changs, Chilis, Pandas and obviously the list will grow so I’ll definitely will blog what you know these “high end” restaurants I have tried. I want to read The Book Thief, I bought it and I just finished the prologue. Yes, I am an idiot but I want to read it in utter peace since it’s the first book I “purchased” and didn’t just download from the internet. I have three months holiday and I want to work and get an internship or if I can’t get an internship, I want to learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. I DON’T WANT TO BE A COUCH POTATO. I want to be productive as fuck. Let’s see how that comes along frankly speaking.

Anyways, I need to unpack since I literally just arrived home a few hours ago.

Till Then

Just Another Girl