Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014 Paris

Elie Saab is hands down one of my favorite designers obviously along with Zuhair Murad. These two brands NEVER fail to impress me with their collection and makes me want to buy all their beautiful dresses. The Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014-15  fashion show was held last week and displayed in the Paris Fashion Week. I absolutely loved their Spring Couture Collection and this time I basically loved almost all their dresses.



These two gowns were hands down my favorite pieces from the entire collection. I love the color, design and I love how delicate and elegant the whole attire is.


00020h_426x639I didn’t like the short dresses much, I mean they are pretty but they are not my taste. The first dress is very beautiful and I absolutely love the color combo. When I first saw the second dress, I was like okay its pretty but now seeing it I don’t think I like it very much. It’s just very glittery and I know half the dresses from Elie Saab are glittery and sparkly but this dress, hmm nah.



Now on two the glittery gowns. The first gown, for me I like it and I don’t like it. I love the color but like I said I am just not feeling it with the first one. The second one, I absolutely love. I know it’s sparkly and stuff but the way the whole gown is designed is very flattering and I absolutely adore it!

00210h_426x639I absolutely fell in love with this gown and everything about it is PERFECT. The color, design and the whole cut of the gown is flawless.

My final verdict on the entire collection is :


Zuhair Murad Couture Fall Winter 2014 Paris

Recently I did a blog post on Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab Couture Spring 2014 and I showed you my favorite dresses from the collection and also mentioned why. Today I will be discussing the Zuhair Murad Couture Fall Winter Collection 2014 shown in the Paris Fashion Week. Let me tell you beforehand, I am NOT a fashion expert or anything like that. I love fashion and I would just like to share my insights on the collection.

To begin with, I loved this collection more that Couture Spring Collection. Last time out of the entire collection I believe I had 3-4 dresses as my favorite, but this time I have loads. The last collection in my opinion was elegant and simple, but this time all the dresses are elegant but are definitely sexy as well.


I am not usually a fan of short dresses, but I really fell in love with this dress. I loved the way he designed it and I love the pattern on the dress, it’s simple yet sexy.


When I first saw this dress, I was not drawn to it. I mean I liked all the dresses but only certain pieces stood out to me which I am showing in this blog post. So I decided I again want to see the whole collection in peace since the last time when I viewed it I was in a rush. And looking back when I saw this dress, I will accept I was wrong. This dress is extremely simple and elegant like the whole collection but the slit in the side/middle makes this dress even more I don’t know, flattering I guess?


This dress too when I first saw it I was like okay but then when I saw the dress again, I definitely fell in love with it. All the colors are contrasting to each other and the off shoulder pattern makes this dress even more attractive.


This dress was definitely my favorite from the entire collection. It is just soo beautiful, the color, pattern everything is just perfect and there are no flaws at all.zuhair-murad-couture-aw14-037_C0

Love the design at the top and love the color. (and is it just me or the model reminds me of Sansa Stark for some reason, weird)


These types of dresses are my favorite and I am a sucker for them. I really didn’t like the color soo much but I mean the gown is just stunning and out of this world. I also loved the belt, it literally makes this gown alot better.

zuhair-murad-couture-aw14-014_C0Black and white, my favorite combo. I just love black gowns or anything black to be honest. This gown is definitely not a gown most people will like but then I loved it. I can actually picture actresses wearing this gown for Golden Globes, Emmy, Oscar etc.

Anyways, my final verdict on the entire collection is :